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Letter To Congress-Electromagnetic Weapons, Organized Stalking, Electronic Harassment, Psychotronics

Fax: 202-226-6890 August 29, 2009
Hello Senators, Jan Schakowsky, Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein:
• Thank you for your efforts to initiate hearings on Capitol Hill to expose publicly-funded wrongdoing that is able to be concealed by the abuse of official secrecy, for example any wrongdoing perpetrated by employees of the any of the intelligence agencies, in what they imagine or claim is the national interest. I hope that the terms of reference of any hearings that you are successful in initiating will be broad enough to encompass what are nowadays widely called "Organised Stalking", and "Electronic Harassment" or "Electromagnetic Harassment".
• I trust that you find the term "Organised Stalking" (OS) self-explanatory. It describes aptly a substantial subset of the unlawful activities of FBI staff-members, conducted under the codename COINTELPRO during the days of Edgar J Hoover. Official statistics show that about 8% of those who complain nowadays of stalking offences, complain of multiple stalkers working as organised teams, not just single stalkers working alone.
• "Electromagnetic Harassment" (EH) refers to the harming of persons from a distance with anti-personnel, electromagnetic directed energy weapons.
• Please confirm that you will use your best endeavours to ensure that terms of reference for any hearings are not drawn so narrowly as to prevent the hearings from taking evidence from victims of these particular two types of wrongdoing. There are a great many citizens available who would like their day in court, where they would testify to being abused themselves, with either OS or EH, and in many cases both techniques in tandem. There are compelling reasons for suspecting that such wrongdoing is being financed in part by public funding of perpetrators who enjoy the protection of official secrecy.
Christine L. Harris 1095 Natoma Street, #8, San Francisco, CA 94117 415-235-6466
United States California Drivers Lieense CA A7310021
The Above Letter Was Drafted By John Allman, A British Human Rights Activist.

Home Owner Association and Property Manager Take Revenge

UPDATED This is also in Affidavit March 1, 2010

Global Crimes Against Humanity
Subject: Chronological Events of Directed Energy Weapon, Organized Stalking (COINTEPRO), Electronic Harassment, Psychotronics Victim. My health effects have been horrendous, hands tremor, nerve damage, eye damage to the lens of my eyes, scar tissue on my eyes, loss of vision on my eyes, hearing loss, high pitch hearing loss, hearing loss in right ear, constant ringing in my ears, tinnitus. For the first time in my life, I feel threatened each and every day that they will kill me, I have never felt this ever.

Hello Honorable Chief of Police George Gascon, San Francisco, CA,

There has been the strangest series of unfortunate events in my life. This is all with a home owner association at 720 York Street, San Francisco, CA 94110, Bryant Square Lofts. All of these events were really for a piece of paper, that Deborah Davids had to fill out, but instead she lied to the Attorney General, and then takes revenge, covertly, so only I can see, but at times, I have witnesses to the crimes against me. I tell my story because I nearly died because of the technology used against me, and at this point, she already destroyed my body, and who knows what else she, and they, will do, but at least my story, or at least parts of it will be told. Hopefully, they will be held accountable for nearly killing me, and taking my life and privacy away from me. I do not believe in revenge, war, or retaliation, but I do believe in justice.

The people who have committed these crimes against me are as follows:
Deborah Davids, president of home owner association
720 York Street #226, San Francisco, CA 94110 Vehicle Red BMW (older) 2PJY682 2 Door Tan Interior
Peter Davids, her husband who works for Jones Day Law firm (this is where the key connections are I believe with this technology and crimes) 415-875-5813,
Michelle Beazley, property manager Golden Gate Property Management 1675 Garnet Lane Concord, CA 94519, 925-691-3840, 415-722-5880, 415-201-9955,, husband Sergeant Raymond Beazley #2073 Officer Number (I found on the internet), works for the Mission Street police station in San Francisco. Espionage, stalking, spying for nearly 2 years.

June 2008 -Started to get strange prank calls, with phone numbers 000-000-0000 or 999-999-9999 My phones have echos and hang up while on the phone, my phones, cell and home phones are tapped without a warrant out of revenge.

July and August 2008-I would request contact information, many times, information from the president of the HOA, she never responded.

July 2008-I sent for a Notice of Complaint to the CA Attorney General Complaint ID#230697.

August 5, 2008-Deborah Davids, president of HOA, 720 York Street, San Francisco, CA 94110 (Unit #226, she finally gave me after I emailed the HOA attorney) We both received the Notice of Complaint from the Attorney General, requesting her contact information.

August 7, 2008-Stalked by two men, I have detailed story, covert warfare, both in undercover police car, my husband is witness to them driving around while riding his bike to work. I had realized that Michelle Beazley, the property manager, her husband Sergeant Raymond Beazley, from the Mission Street police station, Deborah Davids and Peter Davids conspired to send stalkers into a privately owned building, and gave them access to stalk me. After realizing I was stalked, I researched, and found that this technique was used by the KKK to harass, stalk, intimidate the Black Panthers. People who stalk do it for revenge. They are psychologically very unstable.

August 9, 2008-Meeting in lobby with HOA board and owners, we were not invited, and I emailed to get the minutes and president and property manager denied it ever existed.

August 21, 2008-Response letter back from Attorney General for the state of Californa, and Deborah Davids gives a very strange answer, much like a lie, in a round about way. PIU #230697

August 27, 2008-I write to the SF DA and Mayor asking for a meeting, no meetings.

August 31, 2008-Went to Mission Street police to report stalking, but was denied to report.

September 8, 2008-I emailed the HOA attorney to tell her about stalking and prank calls, and electronic harassment, phones and fax stopped, internet interference, interference on my cell phone, and home phones.

August 19, 2008-Second stalker came back in a black dodge truck, but I did not get the license. This stalker is the one who has gray hair, and gray mustache, and I have reason to believe this man/stalker, is Sergeant Raymond Beazley.

August 21, 2008-Deborah Davids, president of HOA starts to stalk me. Strange text messages, harassing phone calls from strangers. I was visiting neighbors and after I left unit #112, visiting the Kenneth Fang, I received a text messaging saying something like this, "Visiting neighbors are you". I did not save this text nor did I take a photo as it made my skin crawl to say the least.

September 22, 2008-Filed police report on gang stalking, (this is after I sent a police report via on-line) Police Report #081008560.

September 25, 2008-I started to send stalking incident to everyone in the building, and neighborhood, posted all over the building and neighborhood titled "Neighborhood Alert".

September 29, 2008-Deborah Davids and Michelle Beazley sent me a note stating not to send owners any letters, and to clean the tape residue off of the windows.

October 5-20, 2008-Went away for two weeks.

October 24, 2008-Sent in for copy of police report #081008560 I had to request from the city Mayor, and Board of Supervisors copies of my police reports, otherwise, the reports were refused.

October 2008-This is when I noticed my home phone had echos, and hang up when I would use the home phone. I can tell when others are on the line by the strange sound, echo, that had never been there before.

November 4, 2008-I had three officers come over after I saw Deborah Davids and Michelle Beazley at my window looking at me like they were going to kill me. My Father was my witness to the conversation. I told them the gang stalking incident, and that I knew Sergeant Raymond Beazley was involved in conspiring with his wife and Deborah Davids to send stalker to me. The officers called in another Sergeant, and they threatened me, and said they would sue me for slander. I told them I was going to see an inspector at 850 Bryant Street. I was right about being afraid and fearing for my life, as I have nearly died three times from directed energy weapons. Hospitalized twice. Police Report #081180497. The blonde female officer gave me a pep talk after I told her I chased the stalker in the Black Dodge truck, who I believe is Sergant Raymond Beazley.

November 5, 2008-My husband and I went to 850 Bryant to see an inspector, and he was bald, and said my case was lost. He gave me a yellow note with Officer Dunn's number.

November 6, 2008-I called officer Dunn, and it said it was the psychology department. I realized they were trying to criminalize me for their crimes. Side Note-Officer Kelly Dunn works for the Psychiatric Liason Unit, psychiatric technician, 6 years with SFPD, eduation is a psychiatric technician at Napa State Hospital; Mt. Zion Crisis Clinic; San Francisco General Hospital; UC San Francisco ER and Langely Porter; Mobile Crisis Unit, San Francisco and Oakland.
Is she "credible" to access other human beings credibility, and admit them into mental institutions? She is not a doctor of any kind, and does she have a college degree in psychology?

November (after this date above) 2008-I saw a man, in the middle of the night, who had the silhouette of the second stalker at my building, pointing a red light that shined on me in the window (window inside the courtyard where he had to have been given access into the building), and energy hit my body. I started to get violently ill, and researched and realized a directed energy weapon was used on me. I know what this person looks like, as he is a police officer at the Mission Street police station. He should be held accountable for his crimes against me, using a microwave weapon in the privacy of my own home. I have strong reason to believe this man is Sergeant Raymond Beazley. This man has been consistently stalking me for nearly two years.

November 2008-We put our condo up for sale. Deborah Davids stalks me. I go down to the ACCESS center, and try to file a restraining order against her, but after having a conversation, I realize she would get more angered, and feared what she would do, so I decided against this method.

February 13, 2009-Peet's coffee, Burlingame, (this is where I met my friend). I sit next to a large man, trench coat, and he pulls out his computer, with a photo of Bush with cross bones, and proceeds to talk with me, and says the word LOVE all the time, a word that I use, which I thought was interesting, then he tells me he went to the same university as me, which is strange, I have never met this guy, and I never told him where I went to school. He looks at me to tell me how angered he is about class action lawsuits, which is strange, then I give him the Organized Stalking booklet, and he leaves. I look on Jones Day Law firm to see his face, and I do, Robert Marshall, partner,, 415-875-5720, in San Francisco office, He works with Peter Davids, the president of my home owner association's husband. This confirms for me, that they are in on this organized crime, and are harming me. I have strong reason to believe this man is involved in serious crimes against humanity, and has access to technology. Electronic Harassment, Electronic Assault. is an illegal human experiment, that many US citizens, and human beings around the globe are experiencing. I believe this man or this firm, has access to the worlds most powerful technology, the Star Wars Weapons.

February 15, 2009-I sent a note to Kevin Ward, board member, telling him that there is a person in the building who is stalking me.

Februrary 18, 2009-I believe this was the day, I was hit very hard with directed energy weapons, and I nearly died, all of my organs burned, and my eyes blurred, and hearing loss. I did not realize where this was coming from, but I was with a group called, and started being on Yahoo groups for support. I emailed all my friends to tell them I love them because I thought for sure, I was going to die. The day that this happened, I went to the front window at 720 York Street, #111 San Francisco, CA 94110, and noticed Deborah Davids, was at my window, while the directed energy hit my entire body. I opened the window, and said that we could get along, and live in the same building. I looked directly at her, and she said to me "I am not doing anything wrong to you Christine", which I thought was a strange statement, as I never asked her if she was doing anything wrong.

February 18, 2009, Started all the electromagnetic radiation. There is a constant source of electromagnetic radiation on me 24/7, daily. It is done through the "Frey Effect" and Remote Neural Monitoring. There is a constant source of systematic organized stalking, electronic harassment, and directed energy weapons. The electromagnetic radiation stopped in July, 2009, when Jan Schakowsky and Leon Pinnetta said they were going to investigate a covert operation in the United States. The organized stalking, wire tap of phone lines, prank phone calls, etc. still exist.

February 19, 2009-I went to visit Misha, who deals with police brutality, and she noticed I was not well. She put me in touch with a reporter Marlon Crump, who supported me through this ordeal.

February 23, 2009-I went to the ER, as my condition was getting worse. I could not breath well, and my body burned inside so bad, my feet had welts on them, my eyes blurred vision, and hearing loss. I have both an eye exam showing lens damage, and an hearing exam showing hearing loss, high pitched sounds and loss in right ear.

February 25, 2009-I sent the board a letter requesting meditation, mediation, or seminars to have reconciliation. They write back and deny anything is wrong, and will not meet with me, and send the VP of HOA, Phil Bryan.

February 26, 2009-I was with my friend, reporter Marlon Crump, and we were at Peet's coffee, off of Brannon Street, I had just went into my trunk to get a copy of the organized stalking booklet, for Marlon, we had coffee, I dropped him off at home, went to pick up my friend Lee, and we noticed all the booklets were stolen, I have a receipt. Police Report #090208543.

March 13, 2009-My car was towed illegally for revenge, the citation and tow are not the same address Invoice #468599.

March 20, 2009-I email a friend to tell her a story of someone like me, and she emails me back to tell me that she was working by my building, and she too was hit with what she called electromagnetic pulse. She is a witness to this event in some way.

March 2009-Reporter writes article called Electronic Harassment by Marlon Crump.

March 26, 2009-Meeting with Phil Bryan, VP of HOA. This day, I have harassing phone calls from people who pretend to be with AT & T, and a stalker who claimed to be with AT & T, who left a note on my door. AT & T, are always professional with real legal notes, not scratch paper.

April 2009-Somewhere around here, two tow trucks were going to tow my car again for revenge for getting a police report, I have the tow truck on video questioning him. I stopped them from towing my car. Yellow Tow Truck, SideLine Towing, San Francisco, CA, Truck #6011, license plate 7E17077, driver is hispanic.

April 12, 2009-I was coming back from Boston, MA, to San Francisco, on United, Flight #181 (gate C17 in Boston), departing at 2:39 P.M. section 3 seating, confirmation #NBR JG9NLW. While I was watching a film, my head started to hurt, and I never get headaches, until all of this psychotronics, and electromagnetic radiation started. I realized that whoever was doing this was trying to use V2K on the plane. I looked up during the film, and saw a tall caucasian in a button down shirt, with pants on was staring at me intently to see if how I was reacting, and he was seated at 7C.

April 15, 2009-I talk with the groups psychologist Cyndie in PA, as she deals with trauma patients, and victims of organized stalking, directed energy weapons, and psychotronic weapons.

April 24, 2009-Wrote city attorney to get refund back on tow. City attorney gives refund.

April 2009, I had a day when I was meeting with Phil Bryan and my mediator for our HOA Bryant Square Lofts, at Starbucks, Mariposa, and Deborah Davids and Michelle Beazley refused to meet, because they are guilty. About 10 police officers showed up at Starbucks to surround us while we had our meeting. Thank goodness we had the meeting room, as to not be harassed. Phil Bryan told us, Misha and I, that Deborah Davids was very angry that she received the Notice of Complaint from the Attorney General of CA, for not complying with the law.

April 2009-Stalker were video taping Richard, Greg, and me, while we were having coffee at Peet's Coffee, by Safeway 16th/Bryant, shopping center, license plate number 7R35161, black Chevrolet Truck, that has a rim around the license with Oakland stated at the top, and Chevrolet at the bottom.

May 15, 2009-10:00 A.M. in the morning, I was with very hard in the heart with directed energy weapons again, almost died. Went to the ER, this time, no IV, no pain medication, no oxygen.

During these months, I have also experienced what is called psychotronic weapons as well. I have strong reason to believe my phone conversations are no longer private. I have strong reason to believe the day my car was towed they GPS and bugged my car.

June 16, 2009, Today, I was in China town with a friend, and when I went to get into my car a DVD was by my door, that said the word "Murder" on it, not sure if this was directed at me, but it was strange.

July 23, 2009- Interview with Access SF Live, Reporter Myrna Lim, and Dr. John Hall & Christine Harris Guest
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September 30, 2009, Date: Thursday, October 1, 2009, 8:23 AM Hello Honorable Board of Supervisors, I have strong reason to believe that Sergeant Raymond Beazley, one of my perpetrators was stalking me today on his motorcycle police bike, in his uniform, as he came behind my car today around 1:30 P.M. today while I was at Rainbow Grocery yesterday about 12:30 P.M.. He looked like the same person, on a motorcycle, who was stalking me in Walnut Creek several weeks ago. He has gray hair, and a mustache, and over weight. If this is not Sergeant Raymond Beazley, then maybe it is the second stalker who stalked me at 720 York Street, San Francisco, CA. 94110, and who used a hand held laser microwave weapon on me in my own home, November 2008. I do not know what Sergeant Raymond Beazley looks like, but I can recognize this person stalking me.

2009-While seeing a doctor in Walnut Creek, I believe Sergeant Raymond Beazley, gray curly hair, with mustache, the same man who stalked me at 720 York Street, San Francisco, CA 94110, the same man who stalked me on a police motor cycle when I was trying to find parking to shop at Rainbow Grocery, was stalking me again, not in uniform, but on a brown and tan large motorcycle on a main street in Walnut Creek, and he was on my left side, my drivers side of the car, right next to me. We are going west on Ygnacio Valley Road, Walnut Creek. I have to check my records to see what month this may have been. I did not write the exact day or month of this incident. At this point, I was hoping this would all go away, and the stalking would stop. August to October, I believe, I would have to look at my records,
this is when I was going to Walnut Creek, CA, for doctors visits.

October 1, 2009, I finally file paperwork with the Office of Citizens Complaints regarding being stalked by two under cover police officers, Sergeant Raymond Beazley conspired with his wife, and president of home owner association. I emailed the OCC, faxed the OCC, and sent via certified mail OCC my dated incidents of all my perpetrators. Today, I called to check in because I was stalked again yesterday by either Sergeant Raymond Beazleyor one of his stalkers, and I recognized the face, but I do not know what Sergeant Raymond Beazley looks like. I actually have a case number, and and investigator on my case, so you all know. CASE NUMBER, 0780-09 and senior investigator Dennis Maxson is covering my case. I spoke with Officer Torres today at 2:05 P.M. at 415-241-7711.

October 6, 2009, I checked my voice mail at 415-235-6466 c, today about 2:00 P.M. Officer Barcina (spelling) left two messages for October 5, 2009, regarding my email, and complaints to the OCC, Officer Barcina can be reached at 415-553-1141. I called twice today, the first time I left a voice mail message. The second time I called today and a woman passed me along, again, to the psychology unit. I hung up and called again, and, again, she passed me a long to the psychology unit, and I told her this is not what is needed from SFPD.

October 15, 2009, a letter from the OCC, SFPD, Case No. 0780-09, states this is "out of OCC jurisdiction", and that my "complaint is of "Informational Only", from Joyce M. Hicks, Executive Director.

October 13, 2009- I receive a letter from the FBI, Washington, DC, saying I cannot get a FOIA to see if the Davids put me on the Main Core List.

October 14, 2009-Global Protest, San Francisco, CA

A friend of mine investigated this man, and he knows Sergeant Raymond Bealzely, and was in the Navy, worked for MIT, and says he is a computer programmer. I believe he has access to the satellite directed energy weapons. I have had two calls this week from the "Navy", out of the blue, after an email with another person on our groups who happens to know this Tim W. Anderson. March 4, 2010, 415-434-0193 man called and said he was with Navy. 650-603-9658-called March 8, 2010.

March 9, 2010- Today, a man knocked at the door, and got into a private, security, surveillance building. He was a African American man, man of color, about 6'1", from the Navy, with Navy brochures. At 1:20 P.M. He knocked at my door, and would not leave the building. He drove away in an American dark blue car. This is covert stalking, covert war, and harassment. I asked him to leave the building, many times, and he took his sweet time leaving, a private building with security. I have a photograph, and video of this man entering into our building. I was on the phone with a friend, Shinobi, so I have a witness to the conversation when I opened my front door.

March 22, 2010-Police Report #100269126 of stalker dressed like a naval officer.

March 24, 2010-Police Report #106038440 Harassment call from 415-760-9187, woman claiming to be from National Guard left voice mail on my cell phone 415-235-6466 c, I recorded it on tapes for evidence.

March 29, 2010-Police Rerport #100307544 7:12:52 PM Monday
Text I received on my Sprint BlackBerry (415-235-6466) From phone number 510-409-9908
"Yeah, everyone, keep yourself clean. Nothing they can use against you.
Their MO is to arrest some dumb group of people and then go after the real target who is usually someone who
has a following, gets attention and is usually outspoken. Since they monitor everything, they just keep u on the list." I received this text message after I spoke on Dr. John Hall's show, The Control Factor.

April 3, 2010-12:53 P.M. I was on my way home, and Sergeant Raymond Beazley was on a police motor cycle with a yellow rain coat stalking me, and the bald Sergeant Police Officer who was at my home threatening me for slander was also stalking me at Clay and Mason, San Francisco, CA. This stalking occurred right after I file for a police report on April 2, 2010, for the harassing, threatening text message I received.

April 8, 2010-Organized stalker, Nathan Ny, Staff Sergeant Recruiter, Marines,,
cell 408-422-0637, stopped by my home to "recruit" me. I emailed him once to let him know he is not welcomed to contact me in anyway. He emailed me back saying it was his job, and I emailed him back (copying public officials) to never contact me, and that any form of him or the military contacting me will be viewed as harassment, and stalking. Nathan NY business card reads: Marines, Lakeshore Plaza, Suite 333B, 1569 Sloat Blvd. San Francisco, CA 94123, Office 415-242-2113, Fax 415-242-2116.

April 21, 2010-I received a letter from SPFD, from F. Luo, stating that police report #100307544 was not on file to be able to give me a police report. However, they were able to send me my police report request form that I filled out, and send it back to me with my envelope, but "lost", the rest of the important information, and documents.

April 29, 2010-I received two phone calls today, from Officer Navaro, 9:50 A.M. and 10:53 A.M. regarding
my many request for my police report regarding the text message that was sent to my Blackberry Cell Phone, March 29, 2010, 7:12:52 P.M., from phone number 510-409-9908, stating this....
"Yeah, everyone, keep yourself clean. Nothing they can use against you.
Their MO is to arrest some dumb group of people and then go after the real target who is usually outspoken. Since they monitor everything, they just keep u on the list." I have a photograph of the text message, the one I forwarded to my friend Richard Centeno. On the first call, I called you back, and you wanted me to talk, and give a statement over the phone. I have given you my statement via fax, mail, email to every department at the
San Francisco Police Department. I find all of this one big circus act since an officer, Sergeant Raymond Beazley, his wife Michelle Beazley, and Peter Davids, lawyer with Jones Day Law firm, and his wife, Deborah Davids, the president of my old home owner association, are involved. Police officers are supposed to protect and serve, not stalk, microwave, and terrorize people who their wives disagree with, so very silly.

May 1, 2010-SFPD calls the house phone (415-861-1041) at 3:12 P.M. and does not leave a message.

May 5, 2010-I gave a public, live TV, recorded statement about the harassing/threatening text message I received, in front of the Chief of Police George Gascon, and the police commissioners at the 5:30 P.M. police commissioners meeting and about how it has been a month and I am not able to receive my police report from anyone at SFPD.

May 11, 2010-I spoke with Officer James Ramsey San Francisco Police Department Special Investigations, from 2:15 P.M. to 4:00 P.M. regarding my dated incidents. He said that SFPD was recording our conversation. He kept offering to have me speak with Officer Dunn, Psychology, but I said this is not going to help me. Trust is not something I have for SFPD, as they are not on my side nor are they my advocate. He said that Sergeant Raymond Beazley is very upset. The San Francisco Police Department has done nothing but protect the criminals.

May 21, 2010- Today I was driving on Harrison Street about 12:10 PM a police man, white with gray mustache fat was on a police motorcycle driving next to me at Harrison and Division. His plate number was 294. Please, this same person who I have strong reason to believe is sergeant Raymond Beazley, needs to stay far away from me. He needs to stop stalking me. He stalks me each time I get s police report on the four perpetrators including himself. It is against California state law to stalk. This is my old property managers husband at 720 York Street SF CA 94110 SFPD is not helping me. This same man has consistently stalked me for nearly two years. He has stalked me in Walnut Creek, CA in the fall of 2009 on Mt. Diablo Blvd while going west in the afternoon on his brown and tan motorcycle. This means that my car has a GPS system that they put on my car when they towed my car in 2009. This stalking occurred after I received a copy of the police report which took me a month and a half to get from sure determination. This is how I know that the Beazley's and Davids are involved, as it would not be so difficult to get police reports if they were not involved.

Google, it appears that they may possibly be connected to these crimes.

* I have strong reason to believe that a man Tim W. Anderson, who created 925-333-9185,,, may be involved in the technology being used against me, and others. I have emails saved from this man, and I have had a conversation over the phone. He pretended to be a victim of the crimes. He claims he is a computer programmer. Through research of a friend, he may have been in the Navy, relations with MIT, and home surveillance. Please take these claims seriously, as I seriously believe this man may have first hand experience with the satellite technology, directed energy weapons, and surveillance. *

I have read in several articles (I did not save or know the exact statement), that during the Bush Sr. administration, that the mind control victims, MKUltra, were put on the Main Core List, as a "ghost detainee" as under house arrest. I have heard that we, our group, may be on this "list" as well. Some of us believe that we may have been put on a "list", un-consented, covert "experiment".

I have strong reason to believe my computer was hacked and my files stolen due to the slowness of my computer being on DSL, cyberstalked, and that these criminals also can use spy ware for computers as well. Deborah Davids may be a hacker.

Deborah Davids lied to the CA attorney general on a form, lied to me many times with regards to several issues.
All these strange things started to happen to me, I started to research in the internet to realize I was not lone, and it seems like many cases, it is out of revenge. I found, a group of people, like me, who were put on this list, a list that involves gang stalking, organized stalking, directed energy weapons, phone taps, GPS on cars, with this strange group of organized covert criminals who thrive on destroying someone's life. There are stories of people who have been put on this list after a divorce, a break up with a girlfriend, one woman. I hear that we are hardly allowed to fly, as we are also put on a security list at the airport. I find it interesting that these criminals take revenge to make it look like we are the criminals, when in fact, it is the opposite. I also heard "we" may be are what is called the Main Core List, which allows us to be harassed by these stalkers and criminals. This is just pure insanity, these criminals must be stopped. It does not matter how connected these people are, it matters that they are held accountable for their horrendous crimes. americas-horrific-shame (Organized Stalking booklet to download for free) (no longer on internet) Sonoma State University Project Censored-
US Electromagnetic Weapons & Human Rights Booklet

Article proving voice to skill, as opposed to microwave induced noises, is available free here:

If you are unable to access websites due to hacking, you may visit

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I am willing to take a lie detector (polygraph) test of any kind at anytime.
Member of Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance

Kindest Regards,
Christine Harris
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Subject: Jim Guest State Representative Letter To Support Constituents from being harassed by electronic weapons torture